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Premier Members Credit Union

Premier Members Credit Union


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About Us

Few people would say there’s an art to banking. Money in. Money out. A fee or two along the way. But we see it differently. Maybe because we don’t have customers, we have members. Because we treat them like family more than clients. Because the loans you pay can help your neighborhood schools. Because we plan your future with the care of a craftsman. Because a kid with their first twenty-dollar bill is like a millionaire to us. They certainly feel like it, so we should too. We make taking care of our members an art. Giving back with lower rates and paying it forward in our communities. Call us old fashioned, but we think the art we put in is the way banking was meant to be. And luckily, people are into things like that these days. Their bikes are custom. Their food, clean and organic. So if it helps, call us hipster bankers. Because yes, you could say our new way of banking is just a little old fashioned. And we consider ourselves the Artisans of Banking. Just without the fancy beards.

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