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Rocky Mountain Hygienic Solutions LLC

Rocky Mountain Hygienic Solutions LLC


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At Rocky Mountain Hygienic Solutions, we apply the treatment of Nordic Chem through our United States and Global Distributor, Safe .R World. Nordic Chem is an antimicrobial protectant surface coating that is applied to any surface or substrate in your business, office, school, or residence. This EPA and FDA certified water-based solution will adhere to any substrate, and create a new surface. This new surface is embedded with antimicrobial nanotechnology that attacks and compromises the cell walls of microbes and pathogens, killing these harmful cells. It also is designed to minimize the transfer of pathogens by treating all major surface touch points within any type of environment. The best thing is that this protection will last 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on average up to 30 days!

Contemporary cleaning solutions utilize disinfectants and harmful chemical cleaners that are only effective for short periods of time. These surfaces will need to be cleaned and disinfected repeatedly, multiple times a day. The need to clean and disinfect repeatedly is costly, inefficient, and time consuming. The usage of these harmful chemicals can become harmful to the environment as well as all of the surfaces that they are applied to, significantly reducing the life span of these surfaces.

Rocky Mountain Hygienic Solutions is also a manufacturer's representative for Hartalega nitrile gloves. Safe R. Worlds Global holds the exclusive rights for Hartalega around the world, and Rocky Mountain Hygienic Solutions holds those same exclusive rights in Colorado.

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